Partnerships for a Greener New York City

bg视讯 is New York City’s largest non-profit environmental impact organization. Our partnerships with corporations and foundations have changed the landscape of New York City by transforming NYC’s food pathways, building gardens, educating environmental stewards young and old, and propelling the city forward on a journey to zero waste. 


Partner with us for a Greener New York City and Greener World.















Contact: Anne Craig, Corporate Partnerships Lead



Apple sponsored HE3AT called on bg视讯’s urban farmers to ignite the imagination of high school students on solving the challenges of food access.

Bank of America’s support has helped bg视讯 build our new state-of-the-art food distribution center, transforming NYC’s food pathways.

Together, Healthfirst and bg视讯 Greenmarkets blazed trails, rolling out the first acceptance of OTC benefits at our farmers markets. 

The New York Times Cooking brought summer inspiration to home cooks with their Recipe Emoji Line and a cooking demonstration with chef Eric Kim at the bg视讯 Union Square Greenmarket.

PayPal employees invested in bg视讯 with a seed packing volunteer experience to donate to community and school gardens across the city. 

Love, Tito’s: Block by Block together with bg视讯 created a integrated brand experience with garden builds, fresh food giveaways, and an live Instagram cooking show.

When the Croods: A New Age premiered, Dreamworks called on bg视讯 to create a brand-aligned presentation: Gardening with the Croods so everyone could garden like the Bettermans. 

B Corp Certified lifestyle brand leveraged Giving Tuesday to give to the environment and bg视讯.



Contact: Anne Craig, Corporate Partnerships Lead


New York Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cardholders will not be able to use their cards during several hours on Sunday, May 19, 2024

Los titulares de Tarjetas de Transferencia Electrónica de Beneficios (EBT) de Nueva York no podrán utilizar sus tarjetas durante varias horas el domingo 19 de mayo de 2024

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